Discovering the Lacrosse Community: West Coast Kid Going East, Pt. 3

When I walked back into the office this morning, a coworker was nice enough to have asked me how the weekend had gone. I got about three sentences in before another coworker used it as a springboard to go on a rant about how his high school had been a big lacrosse school, and he’d […]

2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinals Preview

ncaa lacrosse inside lacrosse media poll is this poll serious

Last week was truly one of the best quarterfinal rounds we’ve seen. Three overtime games and a Penn State squad that is just on another level right now. But, that was four games. Now, there are only two as we are coming up on the 2019 NCAA Lacrosse semifinals. They’ll be held on the biggest […]

2019 NCAA Lacrosse Quarterfinals: Day 2 Photo Gallery

2019 ncaa lacrosse quarterfinals loyola penn state

Lacrosse All Stars photographer Brian Dailey was on the scene for the second day of the 2019 NCAA Lacrosse quarterfinals, and grabbed some great shots. Check them out, then read Ryan Conwell’s analysis of the quarterfinals here.

2019 NCAA Lacrosse Quarterfinals: The Insanity

2019 ncaa lacrosse quarterfinals

WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! Seriously, this past weekend of lacrosse was a different level of intense. I have been saying for the past few seasons — and am not alone in doing so — that the quarterfinals are the new semifinals. The 2019 NCAA lacrosse quarterfinals were no exception. The top 10 teams year-in and year-out […]

2019 NCAA Lacrosse Quarterfinals: Previews

2019 ncaa lacrosse quarterfinals

After last week’s first-round games, the NCAA Men’s Division I bracket is in full-on survival-of-the-fittest mode. We learned quite a bit about the teams still left, and it sets up what will be an intense 2019 NCAA Lacrosse quarterfinals round. So let’s take a look at each game this weekend, going in chronological order. 2019 […]