BYU Wins 2021 MCLA Men’s Invitational Title

BYU wins 2021 MCLA Invitational

BYU is the 2021 MCLA Invitational champions! It may not count as its official fifth national championship, but BYU is once again on top of the MCLA after winning the 2021 MCLA Invitational. The Cougars, the No. 2 seed in the West for this year’s MCLA Invitational (an eight-team tournament designed to act as a […]

2021 MCLA Invitational Preview

The 2021 MCLA Invitational has its eight teams and will bring in Round Rock, Texas, soon. This is our preview of the MCLA's championship.

It might not have been the selection night that anybody was hoping for at the start of the year, but the MCLA officially announced its eight-team field for the 2021 MCLA Invitational last night as the league works to claim some kind of champion despite the issues stemming from the pandemic.  After losing the season […]