Attack U: Who Has Produced the Best Attackmen?

Best lacrosse attackmen Attack U

Welcome to the start of something special: Position U. In this six-part series, your favorite college lacrosse lover, Ryan Conwell, will break down the NCAA DI men’s programs that can consider themselves the best at producing a given position in recent history. First, let’s get into who produces the best lacrosse attackmen, a.k.a. Attack U. […]

Powell Lacrosse – 2018 Gear Reviews

Powell Lacrosse heads 2018 Pioneer

Powell Lacrosse is following up a strong 2017 with their 2018 offering, and it’s exciting stuff. We love to see the new T-shirts, apparel, and accessories, but for this 2018 Gear Review, I am going to focus on the new shafts and heads that Powell recently released.

Dodging From X With Rob Pannell

We’ve had a ton of great video from the Maximum Lacrosse Camps in NYC, but we’re not done yet! CW asked Rob Pannell to explain his thought process when dodging from X, and Mr. Pannell delivers, as usual!

UPDATED: Is Eric Fannell The Next Mark Matthews?

eric fennell lacrosse

Mark Matthews is probably the most exciting player to watch in all of college lacrosse. So who is the NEXT Mark Matthews? We think we’ve found him. Tall, great stick, loves scoring. Meet Eric Fannell!

Jim Brown Special: Top 5 NFL Attackmen

QB’s, RB’s, TE’s, WR’s. They say the best athletes can easily adapt, so clearly a few of these guys could roll d-poles and pick corners. And no, Tom Brady is NOT #1.