Division 3 Lacrosse 2023 Conference Tournament Predictions

While many people are focused on the Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse Tournament, one bracket that will be sure to keep everyone entertained over the next month is the Division 3 bracket. Unlike Division 1 and 2, Division 3 has a lot more moving parts that go into making a bracket work which can lead to […]

Early Men’s D3 Lacrosse Preview

Last year was a very exciting year in Division 3 men’s lacrosse, with Stevenson winning their first ever championship. Aurora College in Colorado made their first NCAA tournament, and won a game. RIT beat Cortland with a hidden ball trick, and Salisbury was finally dethroned as the most dominant team in the South, if only for a season. As fall ball and training continues to roll, here’s a look at some of the top teams from last year, as well as a couple potential dark horses for 2014.