Billy Dee Smith Gave Me My First Stick

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Most people who play professional lacrosse first picked up a stick before they could walk. Then there’s me – I didn’t do it until I was 13. It was Billy Dee Smith who gave it to me. He ran the camp where I first learned the game. Before picking up a stick, I was a […]

Hot Pot: PEDs Still Running Rampant In Pro Sports

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The big news on ESPN, CNN, Fox, Deadspin, and a number of other sources today is the brewing performance enhancing drug scandal in Major Leagues Baseball. What makes me laugh in all this is that people are acting like this is some kind of big surprise… AGAIN.

State Of The Game: The Baseball Rebuttal

The sporting establishment has a reaction to our lacrosse State of the Game address. This is just what happens when you have insightful and hilarious readers willing to drop farcical comments!