Charlotte North Player Profile: Records Are Meant to Be Broken

Charlotte North player profile

Charlotte North grew up in Dallas, Texas, and was a three-sport star in field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse at the Episcopal School of Dallas. In hoops, she was an All-Conference player all four years, averaging 21.6 points per game as a junior and earning the title of her school’s all-time leading scorer. North was so […]

DI Middie to Point Guard: Thomas O’Connell Crosses Over

di middie to point guard: Thomas O’Connell

It takes a ton of hustle and strength to be a DI middie, no matter which side of the ball you play on. Thomas O’Connell spent four years as a defensive midfielder for the Maryland Terrapins. Then he played point guard for the St. John’s Red Storm men’s basketball team. Besides picking up the sport […]

The Pat Spencer Story

the takeoff may_madness_lacrosse_pat_spencer_loyola pat spencer

After four years at Loyola (MD), Pat Spencer became the second leading scorer in NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse history. Now, he is using his fifth-year of eligibility to play basketball in the Big Ten at Northwestern. Find out how he got here.

Stick Trick Saturday: Hoops Challenge

Stick Trick Saturday Hoops Challenge

Because of the NBA Finals, we are merging two sports in this week’s Stick Trick Saturday. Trick shots, sinking baskets and big time stalls is the game!

College Sports: Is Complete Change Coming?

should college athletes get paid

Sportscasters, College Presidents, and the even the average man on the street, typically dismissed the idea that college athletes should get paid. A select few saw a new potential reality, but now that Northwestern’s Football Team has been granted the right to unionize, people are starting to approach the topic with more nuance (well, sometimes…) and some deserved gravitas.

This Is A Commercial, Not News

brendan mundorf mll asg

Brendan Mundorf teaching an NBA star lacrosse is interesting, but it’s also not “news”. This is an advertisement, packaged as news. There is a difference.