Game Grower Spotlight: Ben Allison

Denver city lax Ben Allison Interview

Denver City Lax is a not-for-profit youth lacrosse initiative based out of Denver, Colorado. I don’t want to spend too much time telling you what Denver City Lax is all about, because their website does a fantastic job of highlighting the goals and successes of such a wonderful organization. I do want to spend time highlighting one of the founders of the group, Ben Allison, who, with his father, Rod, began the development plans for the mission to grow the game amongst intercity youth in Colorado’s largest city, back when Ben was in high school.

Interview: Eric Law Joins Denver City Lax

We recently learned that Eric Law has taken a job with Denver City Lax, so we sat down with DCL’s Ben Allison to talk about this new hire, and what DCL has in store for the future. The Denver City Lax guys are true Game Growers, and we’re excited to see more professional lacrosse players of Law’s stature getting involved!

Tier Lacrosse: Growth In Cities Part 1

Denver City Lax Logo lacrosse

Trevor Tierney is back to answer some tough questions on Growing The Game and urban lacrosse growth. Trevor gets help from Ben Allison of Denver City Lax and their answers are certainly compelling and informed!