Gear Review: RP3 Head from Brine

Gear Review: RP3 Head from Brine

Rob has been killing it with the New York Lizards and with Team USA this summer, so I was stoked to try out the same head RP3 himself has been rocking in 2014. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this head. Would it be strong like Rob? Flexible for attack? More of the same? Something new?

Traditional Thursday – Removable 6 Diamond, GTG Dye and CONTEST!

GopherLax5 hit us up on Instagram with a sweet new Grow The Game themed dye and string job that he was proud to show off. Not only did he want to show the world this head, he wants to give it away for FREE too! Before we get to how you can add it to your collection, let’s get a little background information first.

The Many Different Gloves of Loyola Lacrosse

loyola lacrosse celebration photo credit: craig chase

While some teams put their players in a couple different helmet models (Duke uses Brine, old Warrior, and new Warrior helmets) that all look the same, the Loyola Hounds take a different approach. Every wears the exact same helmet, but when it comes to gloves… forget about it. Wear whatever you want!

Throwback Thursday: Brine vs Mt. Washington 1992


You want to see the Gaits, Petro, Blatchley, Tim Soudan, Scott Hiller, Randy Fraser, Dennis Goldstein, Rob Shek, and Ronnie Klausner tear it up on the field? Want to see Linthicum was in net for Mt Washington, and McCabe was in net for Brine in some sweet USCLA action from 1992? Yeah, we thought so.

Traditional Thursday: Old Ball Looks Like Traditional

I found this older lacrosse ball a while back, and it was a truly great find. I was running a camp, and doing a ball hunt, and I thought I’d found just another lost nugget at first. Then I pulled it out from under the bleachers, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was totally weird!