Epoch Dragonfly Gen. 6 Shafts – LACROSSE.COM x LaxAllStars Review

Epoch Lacrosse has utilized carbon fiber technology in ways no other lacrosse company has done before. With their new Dragonfly Gen. 6 model, they have introduced their new Torque Box technology which only elevates this shaft line to new heights. Mark from Lacrosse All Stars got a chance to test out and review the new […]

Gear Review: Gen4 Shaft by Epoch Lacrosse

Epoch’s new line of shafts, the Gen4 version, are popping up in retailers across the country. Epoch sent over a great selection of their shafts for us to review, and after putting them to the test, we’re ready with our verdict!

C-12 Lacrosse: Carbon Fiber Shaft Review

C-12 Lacrosse shaft LAS style

Connor Wilson gets down and dirty with a review of the new C-12 Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shafts. Shortsticks and longsticks are available and CW thinks these could be a real game changer for the sport of lax!

Fireside Chat With C-12 Lacrosse – Let’s Talk Carbon Fiber!

C-12 Lacrosse shaft LAS style

Connor Wilson and Muamer Razic sit down with some of the guys from C-12 lacrosse, manufacturers of the finest carbon fiber shafts in the game! We can say that because we’ve tried them out… and they’re legit! Read on for a ton more info on the future of lacrosse shafts!