I Chose MCLA Lacrosse

Ronnie Fernando chose the MCLA for his lacrosse journey, and he explains why the level of the sport doesn't deserve its stigma.

Stigma: the word that comes to mind when anyone mentions the MCLA in lacrosse circles. The MCLA Stigma A scarlet letter – a trope if you will – of what is seen when one mentions that they play lacrosse in the MCLA. The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association is home to 169 member colleges and universities […]

JD Harkey Takes Us Inside an MCLA Program

JD Harkey

JD Harkey is the head coach of the MCLA’s University of South Carolina squad. This week, we had a chance to speak with him about the MCLA, playing at UMBC, and much more. JD Harkey is (kind of) fresh off a national championship season with the Gamecocks. Earning supremacy in 2019 means they are still […]

New England Youth Lacrosse Tournaments Still In Full Swing

youth fall brawl 2018 primetime lacrosse new england youth lacrosse tournaments

If you are a youth lacrosse player in the New England area looking to play some lax in the next few weeks, look no further than the best New England youth lacrosse tournaments around hosted by PrimeTime Lacrosse. Next up on the PrimeTime docket of events is the Youth Fall Brawl, held on November 10 […]

36 Lacrosse: Growing Lacrosse In Minnesota The Right Way

joel white 36 lacrosse minnesota

Recently, we met with a club lacrosse team in the growing hotbed of Minnesota called 36 Lacrosse as part of their partnership with BSN Lacrosse. The great thing about this club is that these guys get it. Their club slogan is, “Every kid leaves with a sweat and a smile.” Considering that there are probably a […]

My First Club Lacrosse Experience

Paul Rabil Baltimore Crabs club lacrosse

Paul Rabil must have played on all of the best club lacrosse teams in Baltimore growing up, right? Read more on Paul’s story before jumping to conclusions!

Hot Pot: National vs. Local Club Teams

Starz Lacrosse

Someone recently posed this question to me: Are there national lacrosse brands? This question was asked in reference to club programs, specifically high school club teams, rather than to “brands” in the sense of gear manufacturers. So, are there “national lacrosse brands,” and if so, are they better than local club teams?