Denver Experiences Tobacco Road – DI Rundown Week 0

D1 lacrosse is back, and so is the D1 rundown! In Week of the 2021 campaign, Denver experienced Tobacco Road, taking lumps at Duke and UNC.

NCAA lacrosse is back! With the light open last weekend and the grand opening this weekend, we are officially underway for the NCAA men’s DI season. So that means the DI Rundown is back! This will be your weekly stop once the week of games is over to see what happened and what’s come up […]

Final 2017 NCAA Rundown

Final Four t-shirt now available

Welcome to the Final 2017 NCAA Rundown. It’s a sad but glorious time, and it’s ALL Maryland Everything! Sure the games were outside of Boston, but when it came down to NCAA lacrosse this past weekend, it was Maryland. All Maryland. Maryland Women’s Lacrosse won the first championship of the weekend. Salisbury (from Maryland) won […]

Week 11 Excitement – D1 Rundown

Maryland Vs Loyola ncaa tourney week

After playing “Another one bites the dust” last week following Penn State’s first loss, this week marks Hofstra’s entry into the land of the loss column.

D1 Rundown – Down Goes Penn State

NCAA D1 Penn State Men's Lacrosse O'Keefe, Loftus Lead In Your Face Awards to End February

Down goes Penn State! After locking in the #1 spot in D1, they fell to Maryland. There were plenty of other great games, so let’s dive right into it!

NCAA D1 Lacrosse Rundown – Week 8

Conference play is really starting to ramp up, which will make for more and more exciting games, as we finish up Week 8. WHO SHOOTS 9 for 9? ONE GUY!

NCAA D1 Lacrosse Rundown: Bye, Feblicia

hobart d1 lacrosse

Our 2nd week of D1 men’s lacrosse with a full slate of games is done. We now head into a great month of lacrosse, but some amazing stuff happened last week!

NCAA D1 Lacrosse Rundown: Week 3

marquette_lehigh_lacrosse_d1_upset ncaa d1 lacrosse

Talk about a great week of NCAA D1 lacrosse games! It was our first full week of games, which means that almost everyone has played at least once.

NCAA D1 Lacrosse Rundown: Week 2

NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament haiku

We still don’t have everyone in the NCAA D1 world playing yet, but there is still some really great lacrosse being played! It’s D1 time!