Defense U: Who Has Produced the Best Defensemen?

best lacrosse defensemen Defense U

Welcome to something special: Position U. In this six-part series, your favorite college lacrosse lover, Ryan Conwell, will break down the NCAA DI men’s programs that can consider themselves the best at producing a given position in recent history. First, let’s get into who produces the best lacrosse defenseman, a.k.a. Defense U. When trying to […]

Trail Check Done Right: Army Film Breakdown

trail check

Here we see a fantastic individual defensive effort by Army’s No. 40 Johnny Surdick. As a coach, I typically cringe when I see trail checks thrown, but Surdick shows us all how to do it properly. Watch the clip a few times and notice how his hips stay open and his feet continue to move […]

Powell Lacrosse – 2018 Gear Reviews

Powell Lacrosse heads 2018 Pioneer

Powell Lacrosse is following up a strong 2017 with their 2018 offering, and it’s exciting stuff. We love to see the new T-shirts, apparel, and accessories, but for this 2018 Gear Review, I am going to focus on the new shafts and heads that Powell recently released.

Lax Out Loud: Table Talk

Lax Out Loud: Table Talk

Table Talk is one of Chris O’Dougherty’s favorite drills to implement communication into the defense and their slide packages.

Lax Out Loud: Defensive Clearing

Lax Out Loud: Defensive Clearing presented by SISU Guard

Lacrosse pro Chris O’Dougherty teaches you to how to use verbal communication to take a simple defensive clearing drill to whole new heights!

Gear Review: Tank U from Maverik Lacrosse

Gear Review: Tank U Maverik Lacrosse

Today, Mark and Tanner are review the Tank U. The latest elite level defensive head from Maverik Lacrosse. See what d-men are raving about on campuses everywhere.

#LaxHacks: “Nubs” For Defensive Training

Nubs for lacrosse training

We’re back with another episode of #LaxHacks, and this time we’re talkin’ DEFENSE. Jeff explains how to make training nubs used to perfect defensive body positioning and footwork in just a few easy steps by recycling an old lacrosse shaft. Watch and learn!

The Dirty Lift Check

Chad Weidmaier lift check with Trilogy lacrosse

The lift check is one of the most effective checks a defenseman can utilize. The “dirty” lift check is a special technique which I have developed in my style of play.