Hot Pot: Why I Love Lacrosse Camp

I have worked a lot of different lacrosse camps in my day. Big time instructional camps, team camps, and recruiting camps, I’ve seen them all. But nothing gets me more excited than a small lacrosse camp, with a high counselor to camper ratio.

Citylax Founder, Mat Levine, Steps Back In Goal!

Mat Levine goalie Citylax founder

Mat Levine, founder of Citylax in New York City, steps back in net to face some of the campers he’s been coaching this Summer! Get ready for some excitement and some Grow The Game action!!!

Coaching Youth Lacrosse

kentucky youth lacrosse players

Connor Wilson was lucky enough to take in a youth lacrosse coaches’ clinic in NYC put on by Mat Levine of Doc’s Lacrosse and Head Coach Chuck Ruebling of the Delbarton School. He learned a lot, and is now passing it on to you!

Connor Wilson Must Dye: Jager And Plaid Edition

I’m back at it dyeing heads and taking my meds. I don’t actually know what that means, but I am still excited to show off some new lacrosse art work. I’m not the best in the world, but I do have my own style… Click through for pictures and descriptions. You’ll enjoy it, promise.