Marcus Holman 1on1

Marcus Holman signing autograph

In his debut podcast, Ryan Flanagan goes one-on-one with fellow Major League Lacrosse All Star Marcus Holman. Listen up!

Raising Red Flags on the Club Lacrosse Circuit

StickStar Texas Lacrosse Report: High School

“There’s no memory in recruiting,” Hofstra men’s coach Seth Tierney said. “Every year, there’s an all-new set of ninth- and 10th-grade parents coming through recruitment and don’t know the potholes.”

Two Thoughts on Freshmen Giving Verbals

NXT Senior Freshman Showcase

Tumbas has been all over the place this year and has checked out a ton of events, many of them with a recruiting twist. Today he gives his two cents on early recruiting for college.

The Lacrosse Show is BACK!

The Lacrosse Show is BACK! Connor Wilson and Mark Powers run through five different lacrosse stories together, and then the two finish up the show with an interview featuring the NLL’s #1 Draft Pick, Logan Schuss!

Hot Pot: I LOVE This Kid’s Game!

Lacrosse standouts at younger ages are often the bigger kids, or the best natural athletes, but that isn’t always the case… in fact, sometimes you see a kid who lacks BOTH size AND speed, and yet he STILL manages to impress. This is one of those cases…