LVL Lacrosse – Going Offsides

What a treat we have today. Not only is it the beginning of Season 2, but it’s also the week that we feature LVL Lacrosse and one of the greatest players in the games history, Mark Millon. LVL Lacrosse is the brain child of Muamer Razic. Muamer came to the USA as a refugee from […]

Marty Ward – Going Offsides Podcast

Going Offsides welcomes Southern Florida head coach Marty Ward for episode 23 of the podcast to talk lacrosse, the COVID effect and more.

Episode 23 is another great one as we talk with Florida Southern head coach Marty Ward. Marty is one of the best and most thoughtful coaches in the game, and he speaks with us about growing up off the reservation and having lacrosse be a major link to his heritage and culture. He also talks about how […]

PLL Announces Partnership With East Coast Dyes

pll east coast dyes

Today, The Premier Lacrosse League announced that it has partnered with East Coast Dyes Lacrosse (ECD) to be an equipment supplier for the league’s inaugural season, beginning June 1. The partnership will both showcase East Coast Dyes products during game days and highlight official ECD endorsers playing in the league such as Myles Jones, Greg Gurenlian […]

String League Season 3 Is HERE!!!!

string league season 3

Welcome to String League Season 3! SL is a contest where the best lacrosse stringers come together for a challenging series of contests to find a champion.

Breast Cancer Awareness x East Coast Dyes Customs

Breast Cancer Awareness East Coast Dyes

The East Coast Dyes crew linked up with Kacy Small, aka CruzWorldCustoms, to create a unique pair of mitts, leaving the design up to Kacy. A pair of fresh Breast Cancer Awareness customs were born!

Inside LaxCon: The Gear

Inside Laxcon: The Gear

The US Lacrosse National Convention took place January 23-25th in Baltimore, Maryland and we just had to share our up close and personal view of all of the gear in the #LaxCon fan festival!

Stick Trick Saturday: LaxCon Takeover

Stick Trick Saturday: LaxCon Takeover

This week’s very special Stick Trick Saturday comes to you straight from the world-famous #LaxCon and features as many lacrosse peeps as I could find before the fire alarm went off!