GerLaxCon Set For May 2022 in Dresden

GerLaxCon 2022

At GerLaxCon, lacrosse is for everyone! How did the fastest sport on two feet become the fastest-growing team sport in the world? The simple answer is: hard work and dedication of volunteers on all levels, combined with a rich tradition and unique sport that is difficult to resist! But it takes a bit more than […]

DLAXN Seeks Modern Solutions for Sustainable Growth in Germany

DLAXN Seeks Modern Solutions for Sustainable Growth in Germany

Editor’s Note: Welcome author Matthias Lehna from Germany to He is going to keep us updated on the state of German lacrosse and their effort to revamp how they grow the game. Matthias is a member of the German field and box national team, a creator for DLAXN and a spokesman for the German […]

2018 Copenhagen Lacrosse Camp – Success!

Two short weekends ago, Copenhagen Lacrosse hosted the 2nd annual Copenhagen Lacrosse Camp in sunny Copenhagen, Denmark. The Copenhagen Lacrosse Camp is an open ages lacrosse camp, with sections for men and women, of all abilities and experience levels. It’s about teaching, and growing the game, while having fun as a community. Last year’s camp […]

Spain, Lacrosse, and Just Brian

spain party festival garcia barcelona

I’m in Spain. Alone. Bruce went home yesterday, and I miss my little travel buddy already. I’ll be going “home” soon enough but not yet!

Cassie’s Post Budapest Blues

2016 European Lacrosse Championship

I have returned from an incredible 11 days outside of Budapest, Hungary, filled with new friends, laughs, and of course, an endless amount of lacrosse.

A Look Into Slovenia Lacrosse

Spain vs Slovenia - 2016 Euro Championships

Today, we take a deep look into Slovenia Lacrosse, and what makes this group special. I met these guys for the first time at the 2016 European Championships