Face-offs Don’t Matter?

On Sunday, the self proclaimed source of the sport published an article titled, ‘Do Face-offs Matter?’, proposing the idea that face-offs don’t hold as much worth as everyone traditionally believes.

Three Lessons Learned At IMLCA Convention

Charlie Congleton is an assistant coach at Wesleyan University and former All-American. Chuck provides his THREE big lessons learned from the IMLCA Convention in Baltimore this past weekend.

Hot Pot Of Lax: How Do YOU Feel About The Rule Changes?

college lacrosse 2013 rule changes

We’ve heard a LOT about the newly proposed rule changes, but now we need to hear from YOU. First up is a poll, and then a chance where you can win gear just for offering up your opinion! Plus rule changes news and links!

Open Thread: Who Is The Best Face-Off Mid of All Time?

lacrosse face off kiddie best

We’re asking the question “Who is the best face-off mid of all time?” and we need your help!!! Who are the face off legends of the game? What made them great? Who is the right now? It’s a face-off spectacular!

Denver’s REAL Key To Success: Being Better

Denver Lacross wins over Villanova

An anonymous blogger over on LaxUNation seems to think Bill Tierney badgered the refs, and THAT is how Denver beat Villanova… really, guy? I don’t think so. They did it by being a better team and playing with more composure.