Jerry Ragonese Carves His Own Path – Going Offsides

Professional lacrosse player Jerry Ragonese joins the Going Offsides podcast this week to discuss the MLL grind, his work in lax and more.

Jerry Ragonese is a professional lacrosse player and commonly known as a face-off guru, but he’s so much more than that. Jerry Ragonese Joins Going Offsides RIT and Pro Athletics After giving up playing his Game Boy in baseball dugouts, Jerry found lacrosse. His passion for the game led him to RIT, one of the […]

Greg Gurenlian – Training for Lacrosse

This week, we welcomed faceoff guru, fitness beast, and all around good guy Greg Gurenlian. Every single time we ask one of these current or former PLL guys to be on the show, they immediately say yes, and not only do they say yes, they come ready to talk. Some of the topics you can […]

Tweet of the Week: Athlete First, Face-Off Man Third

Tweet of the Week

While Twitter is usually a place for sharing news and links, it can also facilitate great conversations, 140 characters at a time. Such a conversation occurred surrounding one of Connor’s recent Hot Pot articles, which discussed the “Specialization Problem” and proposed a rule to fix it. Faceoff Academy cofounder Jerry Ragonese was part of the conversation, and had this particularly standout tweet.

Face Off Tips for Beginners

Forum Friday

Between The Faceoff Academy’s national showcase and Adrenaline’s upcoming Faceoff Challenges, we’ve been talking a lot about face offs the past few days. For this week’s Forum Friday, we’re continuing the trend. Our poster isn’t new to lacrosse, but he is new to facing off, and he needs our help to answer his face off questions.

National Showcase: Face Off Guys EVERYWHERE!

greg gurenlian face off new york lizards

Face offs have taken a couple of quantum leaps over the last number of years. There were always good face off guys out there, but the craft has never been practiced and studied as much as it is currently. Greg Gurenlian answered the call, and after we got through a little Faceoff Academy National Showcase recap, we got into some of the details on how the world of the face off man is rapidly changing.