Faceoff U: Who Has Produced the Best Faceoff Specialists?

best lacrosse faceoff specialists

Welcome to something special: Position U. In this six-part series, your favorite college lacrosse lover, Ryan Conwell, will break down the NCAA DI men’s programs that can consider themselves the best at producing a given position in recent history. First, let’s get into who produces the best lacrosse faceoff specialists, a.k.a. Faceoff U. When trying […]

TD Ierlan Player Profile: NCAA Record Bulldozer

TD Ierlan player profile

TD Ierlan was selected by Redwoods LC at No. 4 overall in the first round of the 2021 PLL College Draft, beginning the professional career of the illustrious college player. He has been producing very well throughout his first pro campaign, keeping up with what was expected from him after his performances at Denver, Yale, […]

Greg Gurenlian – Training for Lacrosse

This week, we welcomed faceoff guru, fitness beast, and all around good guy Greg Gurenlian. Every single time we ask one of these current or former PLL guys to be on the show, they immediately say yes, and not only do they say yes, they come ready to talk. Some of the topics you can […]

NCAA Face-Off Rules Changes Coming for 2021

face-off rules change ryan conwell 2020 2021 yale albany

Expected to make the official announcement on Monday, per multiple reports, the NCAA Rule Committee for men’s lacrosse met on Friday to amend and update the rulebook. An emphasis on continued face-off changes seems to have been a major focus of meeting. From the reaction of players on social media, the two most jarring updates […]

Facing Off: The Clamp – Part 2

Chase Carraro face off clamp lacrosse facing off

Once you have clamped the ball, there are a couple of options you have at the face-off X.

Bottom Line: you want to put the ball where only you or your wing players have the opportunity of picking up the ball.

Anthony Kelly’s OG Blade Graveyard

RIP OG blade Anthony Kelly faceoff

Denver Outlaws’ faceoff man Anthony Kelly shows off the boneyard that once was a fleet of working Warrior OG Blades. Long live the OG Blade!