Thank You, Mum – How I Made It

Latrell Harris wrote a letter explaining how his mum helped him make it, thanking her for all she's done for him and his siblings.

I was raised by a single mother as one of three. Myself and my sisters were all athletes. Often, we would have games in different cities on the same day. My mum made 99 percent of them. And we always had a roof to return to after. It’s expensive to have a child. It’s very […]

A Truly Great Labor Day Lacrosse Video

Team USA - FIL World Championships

It’s the end of Summer. Time for barbecues, that last dip in the pool or trip to the beach, and family reunions. When members of the Seiler clan come together, all of the above may go down, but what’s REALLY happening is a great game of family lacrosse!