Top Rule Differences Between Box and Field Lacrosse


Box and field are both lacrosse, but that doesn’t mean they’re carbon copies. There are many rule differences between box and field, and they can fundamentally change how the game is played. Sure, you’re still throwing a ball into a net with a strung stick, but the movements, the schemes, and the philosophies can all […]

Field Lacrosse with a Shot Clock in High School

field lacrosse shot clocks with Leverage Lacrosse

Chris Jewett of Leverage Lacrosse reached out to us this week to let us know about why he applied a shot clock to his field lacrosse program and how his high school team has seemed to respond so far.

2013 Champions Challenge on ESPN3


The 2012 National Champions take on the 2013 National Teams. This is the first year that both defending National Champions will take on the US National Team, and they should prove to be very competitive games.

Lacrosse In New York City

New York City at night

What’s going on with the NYC lacrosse scene this Summer? Connor Wilson has the details for you. So get in the know, and get out and play!

VIDEO: International Lacrosse Deluge

europe map

LaxAllStars has the International lacrosse scene on lockdown. Each Thursday we’ve been unloading tons of International lax flavor and this Thursday is no exception. German lacrosse club video, box lacrosse, and more box lacrosse.