The PLL: Fighting for Viewers

fighting in the pll

Things occurring on the field have reached a boiling point in the social media world that seems to need some addressing.That is, fighting in the PLL.

Lacrosse Fights: Welcome in the NLL

Bill O'Brien Andrew Suitor Lacrosse-Fight NLL Credit Scott Pierson

As the National Lacrosse League works diligently to leverage game footage for marketing, lacrosse fights are propelling the sport into the public eye.

Fan Fights Should NEVER Happen At A Lacrosse Game


It’s not a new trend by any means, but if anyone was wondering, a brawl in the stands should NEVER happen at a lacrosse game. I’d say it should never occur at any sporting event, but for some games the fan brawl has become a regular thing.

Terrible Fight In WLA Finals

terrible fight

The below terrible fight video comes out of the Western Lacrosse Association in Canada. The Maple Ridge Burrards and The Victoria Shamrocks are squaring off for the title in a multi-game series, and this is going down in Game 2, with Victoria up 12-8 on the Burrards.

Hot Pot: Fighting The Right Way

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Fighting alone isn’t the biggest problem in box lacrosse. In my opinion, fighting is much more a symptom of a rough, and often under-referreed game, where players can take unseen liberties, and possibly inflict serious bodily harm through the pace of play. As it stands now, with small referee crews and, at times, loosely interpreted rules, it allows the players to sort things out themselves, and maintain some sense of order and safety.

Big Lacrosse Brawl: This Is Not Normal

6 Nations Chiefs vs. peterborough lakers Box Lacrosse Photo credit: Larry Palumbo

The Oakville Rock took on the Brooklin Redmen on July 24, 2013 in Senior A Major Series Lacrosse action, and the game erupted into a pretty serious brawl, where both teams left their benches after one of the Oakville players (Brendon Niesink) went over to the Brooklin bench and started throwing punches.

Embarrassing Lacrosse Fight Video

I’ve seen my fair share of lacrosse fights, and I know (from personal experience) that games can get out of hand quickly. But the fight that transpires below is really leaving me scratching my head in a big way, because SO MUCH goes wrong, and in such a short period of time.

Fighting Is Not The Problem…

Kentucky Stickhorses box lacrosse NALL scuffle

The Hot Pot laid the foundation, and here is a fuller explanation on why Fighting is not the problem for box lacrosse, but reducing it may be part of the solution.

Hot Pot: Fighting, NLL, NALL Rant

2014 Bowhunter Cup Canceled

Connor Wilson addresses the new fighting rules for box lacrosse in the Canadian Lacrosse Association, and why you should definitely check out the NLL or NALL this year.