Fireside Chat With Alex Of Jimalax

For this installment of our Fireside Chat Interview Series, Chris Fox sits down with Alex, the owner of Jimalax, to get the scoop on what they offer, and what makes them different from other stringing suppliers!

Comment Of The Week!

We pick the best, funniest or most insightful comment from a loyal reader each week. Come on in and see if your comment made the cut!

Fireside Chat With Chazz Woodson: Respect the Game!

Muamer Razic got the chance to sit down with Chazz Woodson, laxer extraordinaire, and Chazz filled him in on everything he’s been up to in the lacrosse world. And it’s a LOT! Chazz is a busy guy juggling playing coaching and more. Great read!

Fireside Chat With The Lacrosse Army

Lacrosse Army LOGO final

Jeff Brunelle sits down with Lacrosse Army out of Calgary. They are making a huge push with the City to make lacrosse a more viable option. All they want is a place to play! There have been some ups and downs, so check in to see where Lacrosse Army is right now. And where they’re headed. Boxla!

Fireside Chat With Sam Rusell – US and UK Lax Together At Last

Want to get your education (undergrad or post-grad!) in the UK? Still want to play lacrosse? Well, now you can and there is someone to help you get through the process. Chris Fox interviews Sam Russel, from, and it sounds like an intriguing experience!

Fireside Chat With Kyle Harrison

Jimmy Ciccone is back with a GREAT Fireside Chat with Kyle Harrison of… well… everything. This guys is a lacrosse legend and the perspective he provides on the game is always unique and engaging. This Fireside Chat is no exception!

Fireside Chat With Patrick Doughery of Turkey Lacrosse

Sultans_2011 008 TURKISH LACROSSE

Connor Wilson had a long conversation with Patrick Dougherty of Turkey Lacrosse about the future of the sport in Istanbul, the Turkish Capitol, the country overall and where things were headed. I get the feeling the Turks might really love lacrosse as they are exposed to it more and more. Growing The Game!

Fireside Chat With Asics Lacrosse

Asics GEL Lethal Hybrid cleat lacrosse

Rob McQuade sits down with an Asics Lacrosse representative to discuss Asics’ entry into the American Lacrosse market. What do you think? Can Asics make a dent? Do you like their cleats? Kind of snazzy, right? We’d rock ’em.

Fireside Chat With Lloyd Carter Of Blax Lax

Morgan State Lacrosse 1981 lax Baltimore

For the next installment of our Fireside Chat Series, Rob McQuade got the chance to interview Lloyd Carter of Blax Lax after meeting him at the US Lacrosse Convention. They talked a little about the past, present and future of African American Lacrosse in Baltimore and beyond.

Fireside Chat With The Founders Of Wheelchair Lacrosse

Wheelchair Lacrosse

Connor Wilson got the chance to interview the guys from Wheelchair Lacrosse and man, they did one heck of an interview! They are growing the game of lacrosse within a whole new community so read on and see how you could be involved!

Fireside Chat With Paul Jones, Jungle Athletic Group (JAG)

Paul Jones JAG

Lax All Stars sits down with Paul Jones from Jungle Athletic Group out of Western Massachusetts. W. Mass has seen a big surge in the popularity of lacrosse and with UMass just down the road, it makes a lot of sense. Paul and JAG are fixtures on the lax scene so let’s see what they have to say when Connor Wilson sits them down for a Fireside Chat.