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2014 Ales Hrebesky Video
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The Best Box Lacrosse Video: Ales Hrebesky Memorial

We have been pumping out videos from the Ales Hrebesky Memorial international box lacrosse tournament, and this is definitely the best one we've done yet! This video features just one game, but it was the big game, so that's all that matters. Epic finals video between the Kahnawake Rapids and the Green Gaels! It almost makes you feel like you're right there watching!
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Lacrosse In PRAHA Video

Gait Lacrosse took care of us and helped us get over to Prague for the Ales Hrebesky Memorial international box lacrosse tournament, and while the vast majority of my time was spent watching, filming, and playing box lacrosse, I also got out to see Prague for almost a full day. Joe Williams from Throne of String was with me the whole time, taping my silliness, and we put together a quick video showing off a day in the City.
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2014 Ales Hrebesky Memorial Super Post

The 2014 Ales Hrebesky Memorial was my third straight, and it surpassed all expectations. By all accounts, it was the best Memorial ever, and after last year's 20th anniversary tournament, that is certainly saying something.
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Reader Poll: Hottest on the Market

With the 2013 season officially over (fall ball may fall in 2013, but we see it as practice for 2014), we are taking some time to reminisce in all things 2013. When we read Michael's post on the Top 10 Warrior Lacrosse Gloves, a question came to mind - who is the hottest manufacturer right now?