Play Box: 5 Ways Indoor Lacrosse Can Help Your Field Game

LASNAI 2016, Day 3 - Box Lacrosse Tournaments

You love field lacrosse. It’s the lacrosse you’ve known your whole life, and there’s nothing better than walking out to a fresh field of green in your cleats knowing an intense game is about to begin. So, if you’re already so dedicated to field, why play box lacrosse? Box and field are both versions of […]

Top Rule Differences Between Box and Field Lacrosse


Box and field are both lacrosse, but that doesn’t mean they’re carbon copies. There are many rule differences between box and field, and they can fundamentally change how the game is played. Sure, you’re still throwing a ball into a net with a strung stick, but the movements, the schemes, and the philosophies can all […]

Building a Box Goalie: 5 Steps to Protect the Net

Angus Goodleaf Rochester Knighthawks NLL box lacrosse goalie Photo: Khoi Ton

Building a box goalie can be a tough task if you aren’t well versed in the trade. It’s a different animal from field goalie, and there’s a lot to keep track of when you’re the last line of defense in box lacrosse. If you’ve never played box goalie before, it can be daunting. What should […]