Jarrod Neumann Rises: PLL BTN Week 8

Jarrod Neumann - PLL By The Numbers

Metrics wizard Wayne Winston and his lacrosse-minded son Greg are back! This week’s report features longpole Jarrod Neumann. He could play other sports at the professional level – no question about it. So could some of the other guys atop Week 8’s PLL By The Numbers ‘Top Ten Rankings’. Check it out all out below… […]

PLL By the Numbers – Week 5

pll baltimore week 4 jules heningburg

What players are really productive, who hurts their team and how everything in the PLL relates to average for Week 5 in Atlanta.

PLL By the Numbers – Week 4

2019 premier lacrosse league season

Editor’s Note: Sports analytics pioneer Wayne Winston and his lacrosse-minded son Greg put their heads together to create advanced metrics for the field game. Their first full-season test subject: the PLL. Because, well, to them, standard stats are boring. Welcome to ‘PLL By The Numbers’. We’ve had a lot to say about the action this […]

Guterding Leads As Points Creator : PLL BTN

Justin Guterding Points Creator : PLL BTN WK3

Statistical mastermind Wayne Winston and his lacrosse-minded son Greg are back with their report Week 3 report breaking down ‘PLL By The Numbers‘. The new report includes an exclusive ranking each top points creator in the PLL. Justin Guterding, or “Guty” as the cool kids call him, is on top. Will it stay that way? […]