Super Sixes Uniform Review

Super Sixes uniform review

Whether you’re a fan of International Sixes lacrosse or not, I think one thing we can admit after the Super Sixes tournament at US Lacrosse Headquarters this past weekend, is that those uniforms were sharp. Being the gear guy here, I would be missing an opportunity if I didn’t give you an entire article dedicated […]

Super Sixes Event Set to Feature Debut of World’s Top Lacrosse Teams in New Discipline

Super Sixes

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA – World Lacrosse Sixes – a shorter and faster-paced version of the sport that launched earlier this year – is set to be played among the world’s top teams for the first time this weekend at World Lacrosse Super Sixes in the Baltimore metro area. Elite men’s and women’s teams from Canada, the Haudenosaunee […]

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Honored Online by Lacrosse Community

Indigenous Peoples' Day Honored Online by Lacrosse Community

On Monday, October 12, 2020, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the lacrosse community took to social media to show support for the Haudenosaunee, the game’s creators, and all Indigenous Peoples of North America. Accounts from different corners of the lacrosse space dropped in to share stories, provide education or to simply show solidarity with the First Nations. […]

Lacrosse Without the Iroquois Nationals is No World Celebration

Iroquois passports Haudenosaunee The World Games 2022 Iroquois Nationals

The Iroquois Nationals learned of their exclusion from The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, in the fall. One of the countries that was invited noticed the Iroquois Nationals weren’t on the list of competitors and were confused. It reached out to the Haudenosaunee, inadvertently breaking the news to the odd-nation-out, said Executive Director Leo […]

Canadian Lacrosse Association Statement on Iroquois Nationals and the World Games

CLA Canada Wins WILC 2015 Over the Iroquois Nationals

OTTAWA, ON – No country has benefited more than Canada from the gift of lacrosse that has been bestowed upon the global sporting community from the Haudenosaunee people. As such, the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) and Team Canada stands unequivocally in support of the Haudenosaunee’s inclusion in the upcoming 2022 World Games in Birmingham, USA […]

Don’t Take Lacrosse Away From Us, the Haudenosaunee

Don't Take Lacrosse Away From Us, the Haudenosaunee Randy Staats Boston Cannons MLL Major League Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: As part of our mission to Grow The Game we have opened our platform to all athletes seeking an amplified voice. MLL and NLL star Randy Staats is most importantly a Haudenosaunee man and Iroquois Nationals lacrosse player. As a part of our open platform, we are giving Randy the opportunity to share […]

Oren Lyons Honored For Life Achievements

Oren Lyons honored for life achievements

A dinner and gala honoring the legacy and life achievements of Oren Lyons was recently held in Upstate New York. Lacrosse All Stars is pleased to report that the event was a wonderful success. Oren was amazed, humbled, and grateful with the entire presentation and the many friends, family, and colleagues who came to celebrate […]

Support Earth Lacrosse, Support Indigenous Communities

earth lacrosse

Nya:weh sge:no, I am thankful you are well. The name I was given in the Longhouse is Songuyes and my English name is Ira. I was raised on the Tonawanda Seneca Nation near Buffalo, NY and I am the Cultural Director for Earth Lacrosse Programs, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded with one main goal […]