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NLL Mandates Referee Helmets

Sure they might still look out of place, but you can't ever hate on safety. Ref helmets are a thing, so get used to them because they here to stay and you can expect them to start making their way to box lacrosse games everywhere.
Cascade R Iroquois Lacrosse Helmet
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Helmetgate Rolls On

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the recent #helmetgate situation we feel it is important to keep everyone updated on the progress, or lack thereof, surrounding the potential re-certification of the R helmet by Cascade and the Regulator helmet by Warrior.
Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet
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The Cascade Lacrosse Story

Lacrosse Unlimited's YouTube page just released this killer mini-doc about who Cascade Lacrosse is and why they do what they are doing. There is no way you've ever been around the lacrosse scene and not been influenced by Cascade's work. What people are becoming familiar with as the standard for all lacrosse helmets, it just typically another Cascade helmet.
Jake Bernhardt Ohio Machine vs. Chesapeake Bayhawks 2014 Photo Credit: Craig Chase
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Professional Lacrosse Helmet Tilt 101

We see some serious tilt from time to time, but Jake Benrhardt of the Ohio Machine is taking things to another level! We're sure it blocks out the sun and the lights, but can he even see? Did he play for WAC? (No.) Why does this look so darn cool?
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