Billy Dee Smith Gave Me My First Stick

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Most people who play professional lacrosse first picked up a stick before they could walk. Then there’s me – I didn’t do it until I was 13. It was Billy Dee Smith who gave it to me. He ran the camp where I first learned the game. Before picking up a stick, I was a […]

Latrell Harris Survived Racism in Sports

Latrell Harris experienced racial abuse as a kid, especially in hockey. Still, he remains in sports, a survivor of racism in athletics.

Before Latrell Harris was a professional lacrosse player, he had hockey on his mind. Harris played the sport it seems every Canadian tries, and he was even drafted in the OHL. As a teen, he chose to pursue the box after the ice melted, but for years, hockey was an important focus for the athlete. […]

John Grant Jr: Vehicle & OHL Goalie Trick Shots

John Grant Jr is a man of many trick shots on the box lacrosse floor. He makes it pretty, and he makes the opposition pay in a number of ways. And not that surprisingly, his trick shot game in flip flops is also rock solid. It’s the Summer, Junior is having some fun and repping Gait and Toyota in his latest trick shot video.

STX Takes Up Hockey

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STX has long been established as a major brand in lacrosse and field hockey. The company also makes golf equipment. And now the Baltimore-based manufacturer is getting into hockey, with their own padding and sticks.