Miami B&G Recap – Sunday Funday

After 2 or 3 nights of drinking and 3 days of lax, the Miami Bump & Grind Tourney finished up on Sunday, January 24th with the playoffs and crowning of a Champion.

It’s Getting Laxxxy Now

There is so much lacrosse news and awesomeness out there right now that I am forcing myself to do another poorly imitated 4-1-2 style post where I ramble on, wax poetic and impress you with my all-around laxiness. Or you’re just here for the pictures. Whatever.

I Want To Post Like 412

412 Lax is unique. His posting style is long and rambling… but also totally awesome. In a homage to the greatest long-post lacrosse blogger of the modern (or any) era, I will simply try to rip off his style and just wax poetic.

Lax Link-O-Rama

It’s Saturday so the Lax Links are here for your reading pleasure. God, I love this job.

Making The Team: The USIL Combine Blog Day 2

Today we welcome back JR Oreskovich for his final installment on the USIL (US Indoor Lacrosse) Combine. Yesterday was a lot of running and today’s action focuses on the actual playing.

Making The Team: The USIL Combine Blog Day 1

After a full day of travel, JR Oreskovich got to PA, met up with a long-time friend and got his mind right for the upcoming indoor lacrosse combine.  Below you can find the first day recap which includes a breakdown of top speed and strength testers (where JR did very well it seems!).  After that, […]

Making The Team: The USIL (Indoor) Combine Blog

In an LaxAllStars exclusive series we’ll be providing on-the-ground perspective from recent Stevens Tech grad, JR Oreskovich as he competes in the US Indoor Lacrosse combine. The best players get a shot at making a splash in the fast paced box lacrosse universe. Get the scoop in this first installment.

Amateur Indoor Lax=Amateur Fighting? NO WAY!

I get emailed tips from time to time and one of the most recent emails had to do with the rules surrounding fighting in an Amateur Indoor Lax League known as the MABLL. The Metro Area Box Lax League is probably the best amateur lax indoor league this side of our neighbors to the North. It […]