Terry Foy Joins Going Offsides to Break Down DI Lacrosse

This week, we sat down with Terry Foy, the CEO of Inside Lacrosse, to talk about everything and anything related to Division I lacrosse. More specifically, we discuss the decision making at Ivy League institutions, why certain schools are more eager to play than others, and why not playing will have long lasting effects. Next, […]

Kyle Devitte: Know the Game Podcast, Ep. 13

kyle devitte know the game podcast

This week’s episode (lucky 13!) is none other than Inside Lacrosse’s Gear and Lifestyle Editor Kyle Devitte. Kyle has been covering the game for a number of years, typically focusing on MLL, but does much more. The reason he is joining this week is to talk about his newest project, which is ranking the top […]

Rationalizing My NCAA Lacrosse Poll Votes, Round 1

Great Danes, Stony Brook, Baltimore Lacrosse And More NCAA Lacrosse Poll

The thing about a preseason poll is that each voter is really left up to decide what it means to them, or should mean. I feel it’s important to explain my top 20 NCAA Lacrosse Poll for Inside Lacrosse.

String League Season 3 Is HERE!!!!

string league season 3

Welcome to String League Season 3! SL is a contest where the best lacrosse stringers come together for a challenging series of contests to find a champion.

NLL Media Poll Three – A Better Picture

Georgia Swarm at Colorado Mammoth NLL 2017 Photo: Michael Martin NLL Media Poll

Authors’ Notes: Welcome back to another NLL Media Poll. We got fed up with lacrosse’s lack of polls that tie together multiple media sources, so we made one ourselves. This poll features votes from Inside Lacrosse, the Lax Power computer, and Tyson Geick of the NLL, along with our own Mark Donahue and Ryan Conwell. […]

NLL Media Poll – Numero Uno

Saskatchewan Rush Toronto Rock 2017 NLL Photo: Graig Abel

This the first Media Poll for the 2017 NLL season! Now that we’ve seen at least two game we expect sounding off!

My Media Poll Votes: New Top Team!

New Top Team unc-lacrosse

There is a new top team in men’s D1 lacrosse this week, and it’s no longer Denver! We still have plenty of undefeated teams and lots of big games to go!

Why All The D3 Lacrosse Hate, Quint?

jordan macintosh rit

Connor Wilson takes exception to the treatment of Division 3 NCAA players in a recent post by the legendary Quint regarding Major League Lacrosse. Why all the subtle D3 lax hate?