I’m Glad I Found My Lacrosse & Hope All Kids Do, Too

Jeff Shattler Glad I Found My Lac rosse

When I was a 3-year-old growing up in Toronto, all the kids at school loved soccer. Therefore, I loved soccer, and that was the sport I wanted to play. I had a lacrosse stick at home, but it was for fooling around in the house. Soccer was what I wanted to play. My stepdad wasn’t […]

Last Week in Lacrosse – Nov. 9-15, 2020

Last Week in Lacrosse - Oct. 18-Oct. 25

Here’s what you might’ve missed in the lacrosse world this past week: At LaxAllStars, we wrapped up our Jeff Shattler week by talking about his 2018 NLL Cup MVP, giving him a first look at his MSNLazer shaft, and talking about his offseason passion of snowboarding. We also took a look at some of our […]

Jeff Shattler Wrap Up – A Collection of Content

Jeff Shattler Saskatchewan Rush Calgary Roughnecks NLL 2018

Jeff Shattler has been featured prominently on Lax All Stars this last month, so we’re putting all that content in one place for you to easily navigate and digest. We went deep with the two-time NLL champion and former NLL MVP, and we want the lacrosse community to be able to find it all together […]

Jeff Shattler Shares Secret to Sanity: Snowboarding

Jeff Shattler is a two-time NLL MVP, but his favorite sport isn't lacrosse - it's snowboarding. Only on the slopes does he feel truly free.

If you’re looking for Jeff Shattler on December 26, don’t. He’s busy. Every season on his late December birthday, Shattler scales the slopes in solitude, the soft snow supplying solidarity. “On my birthday, I go snowboarding by myself,” he said. “It’s like a tradition that I do. It’s just me and the mountain.” He pops […]

Jeff Shattler Custom Shaft Wows Two-Time NLL Champ

jeff shattler custom shafts

Jeff Shattler has been in the game for a long time. Ever since he was 3, Shattler has been picking up lacrosse sticks and terrorizing opponents with his strength and skills. But he hadn’t ever picked up a stick like the Jeff Shattler Custom Shaft, until now. Shattler and Scott Fitchett, the brains behind MSNLazer, […]

2018 NLL Cup MVP – Jeff Shattler Cements His Legacy

Jeff Shattler New England Black Wolves Saskatchewan Rush NLL 2018

When the Saskatchewan Rush won the NLL championship in 2018, Jeff Shattler was named 2018 NLL Cup MVP, adding a new exclamation mark to his already illustrious professional lacrosse career. It took three games to decide the winner of the 2018 crown between the Rush and the Rochester Knighthawks. In Game 1, the Rush used […]

Jeff Shattler & The Power of Adaptation

Jeff Shattler Saskatchewan Rush Buffalo Bandits NLL 2018 Lessons Learned

Jeff Shattler has never been a high-maintenance laxer. In fact, he cared so little about what tools he took to tackle his trade, Shattler used to play with totally fresh sticks. “A lot of people laugh at me when I say this, and a lot of people don’t know this: I used to use lacrosse […]

Shattler Lacrosse Academy Could Develop Next Great First Nations Talent

Jeff Shattler would love for the Shattler Lacrosse Academy to develop the next great First Nations talent through its Aboriginal Program.

The Shattler Lacrosse Academy offers a whole host of programs, but the most unique is the Aboriginal Program. Jeff Shattler, the man behind the Shattler Lacrosse Academy, has played in the NLL for more than a decade and a half, won league MVP once and the NLL Cup twice. The Toronto native comes from a […]

Welcome to Jeff Shattler Week

Welcome to Jeff Shattler Week

Today marks the start of Jeff Shattler Week at LaxAllStars. It’s part of something new we’re doing to emphasize athletes and game growers who help make the sport the special outlet that it is. Who Is Jeff Shattler? Jeff Shattler has been a mainstay in the NLL for well over a decade, first entering the […]

Jeff Shattler, Lyle Thompson: Lacrosse Classified

lacrosse classified podcast nll national lacrosse league pro lacrosse box lacrosse

On this week’s edition of Lacrosse Classified, we talk about goaltending depth in the NLL in our G Wilson Construction Under Review and Jake manages to win last week’s Stampede Tack Who Ya Gott, but we don’t hand him the prize. Jeff Shattler and Lyle Thompson join us on the show. Jeff Shattler, Lyle Thompson: Lacrosse Classified, […]

Paul Day, Jeff Shattler: Lacrosse Classified, Ep. 13

paul day jeff shattler lacrosse classified

Editors Note: This episode was taped two hours prior to the Stephen Keogh trade was announced to help put the discussion into context. We also want to give a special thanks to Paul Day and JeffShattler for joining us on the show. Our first guest is Paul Day, the head coach and general manager of the Philadelphia Wings as well as the general manager of the Peterborough Lakers. […]