Jerry Ragonese Carves His Own Path – Going Offsides

Professional lacrosse player Jerry Ragonese joins the Going Offsides podcast this week to discuss the MLL grind, his work in lax and more.

Jerry Ragonese is a professional lacrosse player and commonly known as a face-off guru, but he’s so much more than that. Jerry Ragonese Joins Going Offsides RIT and Pro Athletics After giving up playing his Game Boy in baseball dugouts, Jerry found lacrosse. His passion for the game led him to RIT, one of the […]

Jerry Ragonese – Athlete Spotlight

Jerry Ragonese is this week's guest on the Going Offsides podcast, so we put him in the Athlete Spotlight and asked him about lax and more.

A veteran of the MLL/PLL and accomplished lacrosse entrepreneur, Jerry Ragonese is this week’s featured guest on the Going Offsides podcast. Athlete Spotlight: Jerry Ragonese Why did you attend RIT? It was one of the only colleges in the country that offered the major I wanted as well a high-level lacrosse. How do you get started […]

Redwoods Jerry Ragonese Talks Face-masks and Face-offs

Jerry Ragonese Malcolm Chase face-pff face-masks

Editor’s Note: Malcolm Chase has left the gym long enough to catch up with another man that is no stranger to heavy weight, Jerry Ragonese. Malcolm checks in via Zoom to find out how Ragonese has pivoted training and work to adapt to COVID-19 shutdowns. This year’s been challenging for everyone in the lacrosse community. […]

NCAA Face-Off Rules Changes Coming for 2021

face-off rules change ryan conwell 2020 2021 yale albany

Expected to make the official announcement on Monday, per multiple reports, the NCAA Rule Committee for men’s lacrosse met on Friday to amend and update the rulebook. An emphasis on continued face-off changes seems to have been a major focus of meeting. From the reaction of players on social media, the two most jarring updates […]

Tweet of the Week: Snapchats with Junior

Tweet of the Week

John Grant Junior recently hit a huge NLL milestone: 600 career goals. Junior is only the third player to hit this mark, joining John Tavares and Gary Gait in the 600 club. A lot of well-deserved congratulations went out to the Mammoth star, but none funnier than this from face-off man Jerry Ragonese:

Tweet of the Week: Athlete First, Face-Off Man Third

Tweet of the Week

While Twitter is usually a place for sharing news and links, it can also facilitate great conversations, 140 characters at a time. Such a conversation occurred surrounding one of Connor’s recent Hot Pot articles, which discussed the “Specialization Problem” and proposed a rule to fix it. Faceoff Academy cofounder Jerry Ragonese was part of the conversation, and had this particularly standout tweet.

MLL Training Camp: The Jerry Ragonese Story

MLL Jerry's training camp trip

Jerry Ragonese, former RIT player and Eastern Regional Manager of Pro Athletics, details his trip onto an MLL roster. Jerry made the 25-man roster for the Rattlers in the MLL and now he’s got the gear to prove it! Another inside look at the MLL from someone who has been there!