The Ultimate Lacrosse Mesh Buyers Guide 2021-22

lacrosse mesh buyers guide

Whether you’re a stringer like me or would just like to know what type of mesh to buy when getting your head strung for this lacrosse season, I have you covered in this buyers guide. For as long as I can remember, I have been stringing my own heads and the heads of many other […]

Win a Tank Head with Lev Shaft

Win a Tank Head with Lev Shaft

This week only: Enter for your chance to win this Maverik Tank head and Jimalax x Joule lacrosse shaft. The deadline to enter is Sunday, March 8, 2015.

Inside LaxCon: The Gear

Inside Laxcon: The Gear

The US Lacrosse National Convention took place January 23-25th in Baltimore, Maryland and we just had to share our up close and personal view of all of the gear in the #LaxCon fan festival!

Win this Metrik head with a #Laxcon dye by Stylin’ Strings

Win this Stylin Strings Laxcon dye

To celebrate the US Lacrosse Convention in Baltimore this year, Stylin Strings created a one-of-a-kind dye job on a Metrik lacrosse head. The Maryland flag inspired design features Rorke Denver, LaxAllStars, Rit Dye, East Coast Dyes, and Throne of String.

Stylin Strings celebrates #LaxCon with Major League Dye

LaxCon Lacrosse Head Dyed by Stylin Strings

To celebrate the 2015 US Lacrosse Convention, which took place over the weekend in Baltimore, the crew at Stylin Strings created a one-of-a-kind #LaxCon themed lacrosse head and put it on display at their booth. Here’s an up-close look!

Jimalax and Joule Lacrosse Form Partnership

Joule Lacrosse and Jimlax

Joule Lacrosse and Jimalax have formed a partnership, bringing together the most technologically advanced lacrosse shafts on the market with the world’s premier supplier of lacrosse mesh and stringing accessories. They’re now working together to design, develop, and manufacture premier products for every aspect of the game.

LAS Summer Grab Bags on sale now!

Order your Summer Grab Bag from Lacrosse All Stars and receive over $50 in value for just $25! Includes a lacrosse head, stringing kit, stickers, and more!

Mesh Buyer’s Guide 2013

Mesh Buyers Guide 2013

One of our gifts to you this holiday season is a Buyer’s Guide for some of the hottest high performance, wax, dyed, and/or rubberized lacrosse mesh available. Every single piece of mesh on the market may not be included in the guide, but it covers the vast majority of the major players. At the same time, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other quality mesh pieces being put out by other companies out there too!

First StringItForward Clinic: Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership

The Lacrosse All Stars #StringItForward campaign is off to a fast start. At our first clinic, in conjunction with Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership (LAS non-profit partner), we taught 35 young lacrosse players in Harlem how to string sticks and/or how to improve their pre-existing stringing abilities!

Would You Like To Learn How To String Traditional Pockets?

For those who learn visually, Muamer Razic has a fantastic source for learning to string traditional pockets! Weston from Colorado details how to string up sick traditional lacrosse pockets and shows off one of his creations in a NEW Under Armour head.