Breast Cancer Awareness x East Coast Dyes Customs

Breast Cancer Awareness East Coast Dyes

The East Coast Dyes crew linked up with Kacy Small, aka CruzWorldCustoms, to create a unique pair of mitts, leaving the design up to Kacy. A pair of fresh Breast Cancer Awareness customs were born!

Four Pairs of Custom Lacrosse Gloves You Must See

Kacy Small, aka CruzWorldCustoms, has blown us away with three more pairs of custom lacrosse gloves that are absolutely gorgeous alongside an insane looking pair of the LE Volt Nike Vapor Elites!

Lacrosse Dream Team: NBA, NFL, Boxing

doug shanahan traditional lacrosse

Kacy Small is back on LAS with another great article. Last time, Kacy talked about the differences between FIL and NCAA lacrosse rules, and now he’s back with a fantastic Friday post on his Lacrosse Dream Team, culling athletes from the NBA, NFL, and professional boxing. He makes a strong argument for why his chosen athletes would see success. What do you think… could we get some of these guys to pick up a stick?

FIL Rules Vs NCAA: Get On The Same Page

Editor’s Note: Kacy Small saw both the NCAA rules and FIL rules firsthand this year. After reflecting on his experience, he’s sure one of them is doing it right, while the other has some potential areas for improvement. Can you guess which version of lacrosse Kacy prefers before reading the article? And what do you […]