Chris Rieley Collaboration: #TheGopherProject

chris rieley collaboration #thegopherproject

The idea for this week’s article dates back to this summer during a post-game conversation.  I was handed an amazingly strung wooden box stick from Chris Rieley and the idea dawned on me.  Chris and I should team up to string an open gut sidewall on a current head.  I dyed a True Key to […]

Katie Facciola (aka Foss): Stringer Spotlight — #TheGopherProject

katie focciola foss stringer spotlight #thegopherproject

Welcome to the December spotlight!   When I first starting writing for Lacrosse All Stars, I wrote down about 15 folks in the community that I wanted to spotlight. Needless to say, Katie was high on the list. Honestly I had her pegged for February so we could do some Laxcon stuff for that.  However, […]

Rock-It Ladder Pocket: #TheGopherProject

Alright, it’s time for another tutorial! This time we’re taking the concept of the Rock-It Pocket and combining that with the women’s ladder pocket. Now, the center channel of the Rock-It Pocket has always been one of my favorite traditional pockets. When done correctly, it gives you great hold and moves the ball quickly out […]

An Apology About Coverage Of Women’s Lacrosse

Canada Women's World Cup roster narrowed Super Sixes

First off, I want to apologize for myself and on behalf of LaxAllStars for the controversy that the recent women’s roundtable article I wrote as part of my series called #TheGopherProject caused. I in no way intended to slight the women’s sport or make it seem as though it was in any way less significant […]

Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject

Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject

Today we’re reclaiming a lacrosse head. You can choose any lacrosse head and follow along. My goal is here is to take a head that wasn’t the commercial hit (that doesn’t mean it was a failure by the way) and see if I can construct a pocket that could turn this into a gamer. There […]

#TheGopherProject: July Mailbag


It’s Mailbag time again! We are answering our audience’s questions on heads, dyeing and stringing on this week’s edition of #TheGopherProject.

Stringing, Dyes and More on the April Monthly Mailbag


Another month, another installment of the Monthly Mailbag here on #TheGopherProject. Thank you all for submitting so many great questions. So, we’ll break these questions into four sections (Stringing, Dyeing, Heads, and Nonsense!). Stringing Q: Are sticks with prefabricated pockets bad for lacrosse? As you see, we start this month off with an easy question….Let’s […]

Vinyl Free Dyes: The Fade —#TheGopherProject

For this week’s edition of #TheGopherProject, we are going to visit how to do some dyes with nothing but things you may have around the house (or can easily purchase). While elaborate dye jobs can be great, there is also something that is pretty rad about a simple fade. Back in the day before vinyl […]

#TheGopherProject Spotlight: Robin Brown


For the first #TheGopherProject spotlight, how could I not pick someone who I consider the queen of stringers?  I do not think there is anything Robin cannot do. Dye a head? Check. String a phenomenal traditional women’s pocket?  Check. String mesh in any stick? Check. Since my traditional tutorial was geared towards the men, it’s […]

Win this ‘Cuse/Notre Dame head by Darkstar Dyes!

Syracuse vs. Notre Dame custom dye by DarkStar Dyes

Hope you brought A-game… It’s time for a very special #LASGiveaway. Custom dyed by Darkstar Dyes using Rit Dye, the head’s design is split right down the middle to celebrate the big rivalry matchup between ‘Cuse and the Fighting Irish this Saturday on ESPNU.