Homemade Kevlar Lacrosse Arm Pads – First Attempt

Unequal Technologies homemade arm pad kevlar lacrosse lax

Connor WIlson got padding from Unequal Technologies and went ahead and built himself a pair of new arm pads from scratch. AT HOME! Check out these handmade arm pads, and possibly what the future holds for lacrosse and sports padding.

STX Lacrosse Assault Commercial Review


Muamer Razic reviews the STX Assault Line Commercial and then goes through each pad with his opinion. Connor Wilson chimes in with a little perspective as well.

Review: Scandium Pro, Cyber Pro, STX Arm Pad

Does Connor Wilson ever sleep? Or does he just test lax gear all day and night? Either way reap the benefits because he’s gone and graded more equipment so you know what to rep.