Is the Gait D Good for Lacrosse?

Gait D

Innovation is the name of the game in lacrosse. I couldn’t even begin to imagine where the game would be without it. While that same argument could be made about any other sport, it certainly holds more weight in lacrosse due to how equipment heavy the game is. In the mid-2000s, the lacrosse world ran […]

Not Your Ordinary Wood Lacrosse Shafts

wood lacrosse shafts - stabilized wood - msn lazer

Wood lacrosse shafts have been around since the beginning of the game. In fact, players have generally moved away from wood for metal alloys or composite materials in modern times. But that was before these stabilized wood lacrosse shafts from MSN Lazer. Using expert craftsmanship along with the knowledge and expertise of elite athletes, MSNLazer […]

How I Started My Lacrosse Company

How I Started My Lacrosse Company

As a kid, I knew I would play college football. That’s how I discovered our game and ultimately founded my lacrosse company, Signature. In eighth grade, my football coach came into the locker room and dropped a bunch of lacrosse sticks on the ground. He informed us there were new plans for our off-season training. […]

2020 Product Tester: Join The Club

2020 Product Testers: Join The Club

Calling all players and coaches — do you keep your finger on the pulse of the gear scene? We want to make you a product tester on the Lacrosse All Stars team. Help grow the game by sharing your expertise. Nobody knows the game better than the players and coaches who experience it daily. That’s […]

Sales Revenue Soars For Epoch Sports

Sales Revenue Soars For Epoch Lacrosse, James Miceli

Patrick Kennedy of Minnesota’s Star Tribune reported today that the sales revenue for Epoch Lacrosse, now Epoch Sports, is at an all-time high. Roseville-based Epoch Lacrosse, with a new ownership structure, continues its fast growth as it continues to make inroads against bigger sporting-goods manufacturers. The growth — 70% from 2016 to 2017 and 52% […]

Powell Lacrosse Sticks & Gear We Highly Recommend

Powell Lacrosse Sticks and Gear You Need To See

Lacrosse All Stars is proud to be officially partnered with Powell Lacrosse Sticks, an authentic lacrosse company that’s been diligently innovating the game ever since its inception. Today we bring you a closer look at the top products from Powell Lacrosse, including two awesome BOGO deals. Get in on the action now: The SWITCHBACK™ Complete […]

SISU Mouth Guard Shopping Guide

SISU Mouth Guards Shopping Guide

Lacrosse All Stars presents the SISU Mouth Guard Shopping Guide, featuring the SISU NextGen. The thinnest, strongest mouth guard in the game.