Explaining the Top 25 Lacrosse Heads

top 25 lacrosse heads

It’s not easy, but I’ve embarked on explaining my top-25 lacrosse heads of all time. How many years have you played lacrosse?  How many different heads have you used?  How many have you loved, and how many have you hated?  Over the years of playing, I have compiled my personal list of the top-25 lacrosse […]

What Makes a Good Box Lacrosse Stick?

What makes a good box lacrosse stick

Field lacrosse and box lacrosse require different tools, and one of these tools is your stick. In this quick read, I aim to identify several key traits needed in putting together a good box lacrosse stick based on my experience and popular trends around the box world. What makes a good box Lacrosse stick? The […]

How to Rehab an Old Lacrosse Head

Rehab old lacrosse head

Very few old lacrosse heads will be ready to go when you pick them up. After sitting in someone’s garage or basement or under their bed for a number of years, the pocket will be gross, and more often than not, the stick will be dirty. To the untrained eye, the head may look “done,” […]

TRUE 2017 Shopping Guide

See new products, browse handle options for men and women, and find your nearest retailer in our TRUE 2017 Shopping Guide!