The Ultimate Lacrosse Shafts Buyers Guide 2021-22

the ultimate lacrosse shafts buyers guide 2021-22

Are you looking to get a new lacrosse shaft for your gamer or maybe just looking to add to the collection? Are there too many good choices to choose from on the market today? No matter your situation, I have you covered with more information on many of the latest handle releases. Because of how […]

Composite or Alloy Shafts: Which Is Better?

which is better, composite or alloy lacrosse shafts

When putting together your lacrosse stick, is it better to go for a composite or alloy shaft? I’m young enough that composite and carbon fiber handles have always been around the game for me. The earliest I can remember is an STX line of composite handles that boasted to be stronger and improve shot speed. […]

Not Your Ordinary Wood Lacrosse Shafts

wood lacrosse shafts - stabilized wood - msn lazer

Wood lacrosse shafts have been around since the beginning of the game. In fact, players have generally moved away from wood for metal alloys or composite materials in modern times. But that was before these stabilized wood lacrosse shafts from MSN Lazer. Using expert craftsmanship along with the knowledge and expertise of elite athletes, MSNLazer […]

Jeff Shattler Custom Shaft Wows Two-Time NLL Champ

jeff shattler custom shafts

Jeff Shattler has been in the game for a long time. Ever since he was 3, Shattler has been picking up lacrosse sticks and terrorizing opponents with his strength and skills. But he hadn’t ever picked up a stick like the Jeff Shattler Custom Shaft, until now. Shattler and Scott Fitchett, the brains behind MSNLazer, […]

Maverik Lacrosse Shafts: 2019 Gear Review

maverik lacrosse shafts

As the 2019 Gear Reviews roll on, we’ve got another set of products to check out from Maverik Lacrosse. This time we’re talking about their shafts, with a specific focus on the 2019 metal offerings that Maverik has on tap, and how the consistency of a great metal shaft is a truly wonderful thing. For […]

Epoch Dragonfly Gen. 6 Shafts – LACROSSE.COM x LaxAllStars Review

Epoch Lacrosse has utilized carbon fiber technology in ways no other lacrosse company has done before. With their new Dragonfly Gen. 6 model, they have introduced their new Torque Box technology which only elevates this shaft line to new heights. Mark from Lacrosse All Stars got a chance to test out and review the new […]

LaxHacks: How To Cut A Lacrosse Shaft

How To Cut a Lacrosse Shaft

Welcome back to another edition of #LaxHacks! Today Jeff Brunelle teaches you how to cut a lacrosse shaft correctly. Did you know that you can get two full-length attack shafts from cutting one longpole in half?

LaxHacks: Stick Prep, Part 2

Lax Hacks: How to Maintain Your Lacrosse Head

Athletic tape, a hair dryer, and a wine cork…these items enable some brilliant #LaxHacks! Today we’re hitting you with a Part 2 of a multi-part series that will teach you (or remind you of!) the best ways to take care of your lacrosse stick. Learn how to conquer rattle, how to re-shape the throat of your head, and how to deal with those annoying stripped screw holes on your lacrosse shafts.

Gear Review: Vapor Shaft by Nike Lacrosse

When Nike goes in, they go in big, and aim to dominate. Their cleats and uniforms can be seen on lacrosse fields near and far, and their gloves, pads, heads, and shafts are showing up more and more. Where does Nike’s Vapor Lacrosse Shaft fit in to their lacrosse investment? Find out below!