#LaxHacks: “Nubs” For Defensive Training

Nubs for lacrosse training

We’re back with another episode of #LaxHacks, and this time we’re talkin’ DEFENSE. Jeff explains how to make training nubs used to perfect defensive body positioning and footwork in just a few easy steps by recycling an old lacrosse shaft. Watch and learn!

LaxHacks: How To Cut A Lacrosse Shaft

How To Cut a Lacrosse Shaft

Welcome back to another edition of #LaxHacks! Today Jeff Brunelle teaches you how to cut a lacrosse shaft correctly. Did you know that you can get two full-length attack shafts from cutting one longpole in half?

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LaxHacks: Use Your Head!

Lax Hacks: How to Maintain Your Lacrosse Head

Editor’s note: Please welcome Marty Cahill to LaxAllStars.com! The former Delaware Blue Hen is entering his sixth season of Major League Lacrosse this year as a middie for the Boston Cannons. If you missed the last episode of Lax Hacks, be sure to check it out above, then read what Marty has to say as […]

LaxHacks: The Importance of Staying Organized

Hello Lacrosse All Stars and welcome to the Marty show. I’m excited to be collaborating with LAS and Lax Wax to bring you tips and advice from my life as a professional lacrosse player who’s always on the road.