Leadership Literature: Coaches’ Book Club

Coaches Book Club

Part of professional development as a leader and coach is working through the professional literature of leadership. That can take the form of a good, old-fashioned book, podcast, or web-based article. Here is my recent collection of resources: Leadership Literature: Coaches’ Book Club The Power of Team Captains We hear so much about culture and how […]

Developing Leadership to Mold Captains

developing leadership

There is a difference between choosing captains and developing captains, even though maybe in the back of our minds we assume that if we pick the right captain, then leadership will take care of itself. The best dudes may get chosen, but they may have no idea what being captain entails and have very little experience […]

Building Leadership from Within a Lacrosse Team

Lacrosse leadership

Leadership is absolutely crucial to success in lacrosse. There’s an old saying that has always been somewhat prophetic: “On bad teams, no one leads. On good teams, the coaches lead. On great teams, the players lead.” I don’t know who said it first, but I’ve found it to be as accurate a statement as any […]

Stop Racism

Stop Racism

I’ve never fully understood how racism in our sport was so prevalent, until now. Dear Parents & Players, I have been watching our country change so quickly over the past few weeks, and I am filled with emotion by what I see. The Black Lives Matter movement has reached every corner of America. It has […]

Real Talk: Practice Like You Play

Jeff Brunelle discusses the importance of team leadership at lacrosse practice. Hard work on the practice field pays off in games, and hard work on the practice field comes from good leadership.

Hot Pot Of Lax: Senior Leadership

Thoughts on senior leadership in lacrosse, UMass vs. Albany game highlights, plus plenty of lax links to check out while you’re drinking your morning cup of joe.

Daily Cheese: Kevin Buchanan FTW

Video of Kevin Buchanan winning the Freestyle Contest at the 2010 Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game. Plus news & notes as always.

Great Leaders Follow

Ex-NFL player LaVar Arrington goes on a rant of epic proportions and talks about what it means to be a leader.