Digesting Major League Lacrosse: PLAYOFFS

Major League Lacrosse Playoffs 2014

After 14 weeks of unprecedented insanity, we’ve finally reached the MLL playoffs, with the Machine taking on the Rattlers in the first game, and the Lizards facing the Outlaws in the second.

Tweet of the Week: Baum, Machine Oil Up for Playoffs

Tweet of the Week

The Ohio Machine are heading to the Major League Lacrosse playoffs for the first time in the team’s three seasons in Columbus. A big part of their success has been the play of LXM PROs Kyle Harrison and Peter Baum, and the latter tweeted an awesome photo of a packed stadium behind him during the Machine’s regular season finale.

Inside Look: Chesapeake Bayhawks Down NY Lizards 12-11

Bayhawks vs Lizards 7.26.14 Credit: Casey Kermes

Sunday’s home game for the New York Lizards was definitely an interesting one. Watching the game you must have noticed Chesapeake’s goalie Tyler Fiorito absolutely standing on his head with a career high 15 saves which earned him the game’s MVP honor.

Inside Look: Ohio Machine Again in OT, Take Down Outlaws 23-22

Peter Baum Ohio Machine vs Denver Outlaws 7.26.14

Although the game saw a lightening delay, the Ohio crowd got their money’s worth in Saturday night’s 45 goal score-fest, unless they were paying to see defense, in that case…sorry! The Ohio Machine have now wound up taking home two overtime games in a row, this time beating the Denver Outlaws 23-22 in what became the highest scoring game in the organization’s history.

Inside Look: Lizards Blow Past Launch 20-11

Digesting Major League Lacrosse

Last night, the New York Lizards played host to the Florida Launch in a very patriotic pre-4th of July matchup. The soaking wet downpour made for the longest game of the 2014 season so far!

Digesting Major League Lacrosse: Week 9

At this point last season, the Denver Outlaws had officially clinched a trip to Championship Weekend, leaving the remaining seven (well, six, to be honest – sorry Ohio) teams to duke it out for the remaining three spots. This year’s a bit different: not only are all playoff spots still available, but everyone still has a shot at the postseason.

Tweet of the Week: Ugly Win Better than Pretty Loss

Tweet of the Week

The MLL season is now well underway, and this week on the #MLLCoachesCall, New York Lizards head coach Joe Spallina spoke plainly about winning and losing. Hint: he’d rather win even if it doesn’t look pretty.

Digesting Major League Lacrosse: Week 4

The Outlaws saw another challenger climb to the mountaintop, then promptly booted them down the slide like a department store Santa. The Hounds tried to beat the Cannons for the first time in their relatively short history, the Machine looked to do the same against the Lizards and both were denied. The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

Your Questions Answered: The Jay Z Drake Lacrosse Beef

Chances are you haven’t heard the actual song, so here’s a quick summary: you’ve got some auto-tune, a bunch of profanity, DJ Khaled yelling his own name for no reason, and a mediocre, mass-produced beat… you know, pretty standard stuff for the pop rap music of today. Then of course, you have Jay Z’s verse, which has triggered a firestorm of outrage throughout the lacrosse community.