Pat Kavanagh is Notre Dame’s Savior: Wall Ball Week 4

The ACC and Big Ten continued to distance themselves from the pack this weekend after big wins. Penn State, Johns Hopkins, and Michigan each knocked off Top 20 teams to continue to strengthen the conference’s non-conference record. Michigan responded to a 9-4 deficit with a 9-0 run to knock off Delaware. Virginia and Notre Dame […]

Quint Kessenich’s Top 20: March 6, 2023

There’s little debate at the top where Virginia, Notre Dame and Cornell should comprise every pollsters #1-3 in no specific order. The ultimately winning pack of one-loss chasers is large and difficult to categorize. So is the PLL playing indoors and the NLL playing outside. My poll is a combination of art and science. It’s […]

Virginia is HIM: Week 2 Lacrosse Wall Ball

Welcome to the Week 2 Lacrosse Wall Ball recap. Week 2 saw six Top 20 teams lose this weekend (Hopkin’s actually lost twice). Georgetown, Harvard, and Brown left Week 2 looking for the reset button and UMass-Lowell needing the number of a good personal injury lawyer. Maryland and Syracuse didn’t make the list this week […]

Quint Kessenich’s Top 20: February 20, 2023

Army beat Rutgers. Cornell had to fight for the full 60 minutes at Albany. Penn and Loyola held serve. Manhattan shocked Navy. Brown fell to Quinnipiac. Harvard got torched for 20 goals in the first half. Queens picked up their first D1 win on Sunday defeating Hampton. So far, 2023 is unpredictable, high scoring and […]

Syracuse vs Maryland 2023 Lacrosse Preview

Lacrosse fans now know from this point on until May, the best way to spend your Saturday is on your couch watching college lacrosse. Weeks one and two have not disappointed, specifically last week where we saw the No.2 Maryland Terrapins lose to in-state rival Loyola, along with the No.3 Georgetown Hoyas falling to the […]

2023 D1 College Lacrosse Strength of Schedule

Data and analytics provide insights beyond film study. Lacrosse Reference is one of the best resources in lacrosse. Created in 2016 with the goal of bringing the analytical methods used in other sports to college lacrosse, the site focuses on finding innovative ways to compare teams and players beyond the traditional metrics of points or […]

OVERREACTIONS: Division 1 Lacrosse Week 1

Back by popular demand! For those who are new readers, or old readers or who simply need a refresher, I’m the writer who makes outlandish Division 1 Lacrosse takes after every weekend of the college lacrosse season. ESPN’s Dan Graziano is one of my favorite columnists, and every week during the NFL season he publishes […]

Loyola Topples Maryland: Week 1 Lacrosse Wall Ball

Let’s see those betting slips from the weekend. Each of the top three teams in the country entered the weekend as heavy favorites. Virginia (-7.5), Maryland (-8.5), and Georgetown (-6.5) faced challenges from the big underdogs. Teams like Loyola and Johns Hopkins showed the college lacrosse world that they mean business. By the time Saturday […]

Quint Kessenich’s Top 20: February 13, 2023

Maryland, Georgetown, BU, Duke, and Denver all lost on enemy soil. It was a forgettable weekend for the Big East who nearly went winless, salvaged by a Sunday Villanova win over Penn State. The Clemson Women’s Lacrosse program debuted. Ivy League teams waited out a final week. This week, everyone is activated. Mother Nature was […]

Who Will Dethrone Maryland in the Big Ten?

Maryland has been the class of Big Ten Lacrosse for a number of years now. After making it to the national championship game in 2021 and winning it all in 2022, it’s easy to say that the Terps are still the team to beat. But Maryland wasn’t the only team that made the NCAA Tournament […]

Johns Hopkins is BACK: Week 0 Lacrosse Wall Ball

Wall ball is a great way to improve your lacrosse skills. Each week, Lacrosse All Stars will hit the wall with the five biggest stories, headlines, wins, and stats from the week. This will get you caught up on what you might have missed and prepare you for your Twitter and Discord debates. Grab your […]

Quint Kessenich’s Top 20: February 6, 2023

I can’t remember a year that features so many championship caliber teams. Usually, it’s a small elite handful of three to six teams who could go the distance. In 2023, I could argue that the lead peloton is ten or twelve deep. It’s February, so let’s not rush to judgement. 2022 is ancient history. It […]