Stick Work with Matt Striebel

Mitch Belisle

With all the hand-eye work we do in lacrosse, footwork can be one of the most highly underrated skill requirements, but if you watch the best players in the world you’ll notice their footwork is often what sets them apart.

Tweet of the Week: Matt Striebel, The Godfather

Tweet of the Week

This week, our Tweet of the Week comes from the Boston Cannon’s Brian Farrell. Farrell was working a camp with the Rattler’s Matt Striebel, and when the rain came marching in, so did the kids to listen to Striebel tell stories.

Errant Paul Rabil Pass Leads To Diving Team USA Goal!


Paul Rabil throws a laser pass to Drew Westervelt, who does his best Stretch Armstrong impression to keep the play alive. It ends up with some sweet passing and a great outside shot for a Team USA goal in the Duel in Denver!

Trilogy Lacrosse: Ryan Boyle Interview

Muamer Razic gets to know Ryan Boyle a bit more, and Ryan really opens up about Trilogy Lacrosse and what his life as a pro lax player is like. It’s a great read, from two smart fellows!

Devious Video Recap: Denver vs. Fairfield

Kyle Devitte took in a heckuva game between two up-and-coming teams despite some technical difficulties with his devious DVR. Get ready for your regular dose of Devitte inspired madness with regular interruptions by the Sector Spider commercials. What is that company anyway?

From The X! Special Extended Episode

Middie D brings back the video interview segment and talks with players and coaches from Cal State Fullerton, Chapman’s Madison Fiore, plus he get’s MLL All-Star and Trilogy Lacrosse’s Matt Striebel to say why he’s a cat person.