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Week 12 – Is This Poll Serious?

Week 12 was actually somewhat sane when it came down to it. While a ton of my Top 20 lost, most of those losses were to other Top 20 teams. It made sorting through it all pretty simple in the end, and week 12 is actually looking sensible and solid!
NCAA Week 8 - Is this poll SERIOUS?!?! April 2nd 2018 Laxcots Jim Fenzel
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NCAA Week 8 – Is this poll SERIOUS?!?!

This is getting ridiculous. The good teams are looking bad, the bad teams are looking good, and the average teams are doing both. There is a major lack of consistency, and that is really showing in the double digit poll spots.
NCAA Week 6 - Is this poll SERIOUS?!?! Jim Fenzel LaxCot
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NCAA Week 6 – Is this poll SERIOUS?!?!

Usually, the top 20 teams are relatively easy to figure out, with some tough decisions around 20. Right now, it's not clear at all. I was talking to one fellow voter about this difficult situation, and they summed it up nicely. You're forced to rate volume of wins against strength of schedule.
week 4 lacrosse cartoon this poll
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Last week was for upsets, and this week was for close games and relative stability. Most of my Top 20 teams won. Of those that did lose, most lost to other top 20 teams, with few exceptions. That actually made my personal rankings pretty easy for this poll from Week 4.
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This was a week for upsets! Underdogs all over the place were pulling out the win and it made for a really exciting week of games. While it still may be hard to think that Syracuse was an underdog at home against Army, that's the world we live in.
week 2 cartoon poll
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Is This Poll SERIOUS?!?! NCAA 2018 Week 2

Week 2 is a terrible time of year to be doing a poll. With so few games having been played, let alone ranked teams playing each other, true comparisons are tough. The other question that must be asked during Week 2 is if a team has only played once, was it a good game or bad game? Let's talk poll votes!
Is This Poll SERIOUS?!?! NCAA 2018 Week 1
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Is This Poll SERIOUS?!?! NCAA 2018 Week 1

Welcome to the 2018 first edition of "Is This Poll Serious?!?!" Ryan Conwell has taken over these duties from Connor, but Ryan is still questioning decisions (sometimes his own!) and providing great insight into how an NCAA Media Pollster counts his eggs.