Comparing Men’s League Players to “The Boys” Characters

New Orleans Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tournament 2011

Ryan Conwell and I were chatting recently, and we came to two strange realizations about men’s league lacrosse. Not, you know, the PLL or anything. We’re talking about that squad of hooligans you play with once a week during the spring, or maybe go play a weekend tourney with. The first: that every team and […]

US Lacrosse: The POCO Rulebook

Joe Eck Woozles lacrosse cradel big blue

I know that many of you POCO (post-collegiate) guys have been chomping at the bit to read an actual rule book meant for adults (sarcasm intended). Well, US Lacrosse released an “adult” rule book including modified NCAA rules, along with a few other changes that make it more relaxed. For example, no one cares about […]

2013 Brawl in McCall Lacrosse Tournament

Brawl in McCall 2013 Logo

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend, and participate in, my first Brawl in McCall. The Brawl is a fairly small tournament on the beautiful Payette Lake, a few hours north of Boise, Idaho.