Pathfinders – Episode 1 Montana


Mike Powell travels the world, meets amazing people, and makes great films. What he’s doing with the new Pathfinders Series is all that and more.

Gear Review: Pioneer from Powell Lacrosse

Powell Lacrosse Pioneer Review

The Pioneer from Powell Lacrosse is the company’s first ever lacrosse head, and it’s definitely causing some commotion out there amongst customers. Let’s breakdown the hottest head of 2015.

It’s In The Blood: Powell Lacrosse Sticks Release Worldwide

Powell Pioneer lacrosse head

One of the biggest names in lacrosse just launched his own equipment company, and his younger brother has joined his team to lead design. Powell Lacrosse Sticks, founded by Ryan Powell, now offers a full slate of products at Find out why Ryan started the company and learn more about the new Powell Lacrosse gear.

Crosse Clicks: One Big Lacrosse Family

Mike Powell

Providing a weekly rundown of the most interesting things that recently happened in the whole wide world of lacrosse, Crosse Clicks is to the lacrosse enthusiast as SparkNotes is to the above-average student!

Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update 6

France Men's Lacrosse prepares for Denver 2014

The FIL 2014 World Lacrosse Championships are only a Spring season away, and we’re all extremely excited. National teams around the world are preparing to make the trip to Colorado for two weeks (or more in some cases) in July, and that means a lot of training camps, scrimmages, and quite a bit of fundraising!