Hot Pot: Challenge Yourself

How can lacrosse players ensure that they are improving and keeping up with top national level lax talent, even if their local barometer is a little cloudy? It’s all about challenging yourself!

Lacrosse Community Marathon Fundraiser

Mike Stone, professional lacrosse player in the MLL and NALL, was at the Boston Marathon on Monday, and he was in an area located between the two bombs that went off. While Mike emerged from the scene physically unharmed, as did everyone he was with, the event has left him understandably shaken, but also with the desire to help the people of his hometown, Boston.

NALL Championship Highlight Video

Boston & Kentucky met last weekend for the first NALL championship. Could the Stickhorses pull off the upset? Would Boston win, as expected? See how it all went down.

Why All The D3 Lacrosse Hate, Quint?

jordan macintosh rit

Connor Wilson takes exception to the treatment of Division 3 NCAA players in a recent post by the legendary Quint regarding Major League Lacrosse. Why all the subtle D3 lax hate?

MLL Championship Weekend: Boston Cannons Win Steinfeld Cup

2011 MLL champs - Boston Cannons

The MLL FInals are in the books and MLL Championship Weekend is over. The Boston Cannons took home the Steinfeld Cup for the first time ever, and Paul Rabil, Mike Stone, and Casey Powell did their thing. Joe Walters didn’t. What a way to cap a season!

MLL Supplemental Draft 2009

The MLL held its Supplemental Draft today and the results are in! Who did well, what does it all mean and who dropped the ball. LAS has you covered with links and commentary!