The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday

The Spoon Feed is back after a two week absence. This week: Bieber, Miley, Hurley, the twins, urban golf, Tron 2, and a brewing LaxAllStars scandal sure to destroy your favorite lacrosse media empire. Time to get fed.

Daily Cheese: TOE TO TOE

Check out the trailer for the new women’s lacrosse movie, Toe To Toe. Plus news & notes as always.

Carla Was The Prom Queen

Thoughts on who is the lesser evil in tonight’s BCS championship plus a rundown of the big dogs in each level of sport.

An LAS LaXmas – NYC Style

Connor Wilson recaps his first non-lax filled weekend in a long time. He promises to stop with this life story nonsense next week and get back to the good stuff: lacrosse. Until then he talks about cow skin rugs, New York nightlife, and, oh who are we kidding, he finds some awesome pictures of lax heads. The man is a machine.

The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday

The weekly highlights from our network site The Spoon Feed. What is The Feed, you ask? Well it’s a dark corner of the internet and if you feed it after midnight or touch it with water it turns into a monster looking thing. Wait, sorry, that’s the plot of “Gremlins”. Man, that movie scared the living hell out of me. I’ll never look at shady Chinese pet shops the same. What were we talking about again?

GMODT Gets Taken

Sunday night used to be a cornucopia of TV riches for Mitch but now he’s left grasping at any HBO movie that catches his eye. Enter Liam Neeson kicking Eurotrash ass.

Best Of The “Best” Lists

Seeing that I’m strangely fascinated with the end of this decade, I’m really enjoying all of the lists and essays that are springing up online. All of them trying to explain this cra-zay past ten years.